Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hang out with the gals

Last weekend was super fun~ hung out with Michi, (mikilakiladeglam.blogspot.com), Hiromi, Danielle and Victoria! 

We took purikura at Round 1, went to Honda-ya for Hiromi and Danielle's early birthday dinner, and then went to Michi's house to chill and smoke hookah. Michi is the best hostess ever x) It's always so fun at her place and she has the best hookah flavors! haha.

Here are some pictures~

Cutie Hiromi's birthday ice cream :)

Michi's adorable doggie <3

That's it for now, thanks for reading?! x) If anybody actually is...probably not haha

Monday, February 4, 2013

My cosplay purikura! ♡

I was in Japan just recently and I managed to take a few cosplay purikura with my adorable friend Meilyne :3

If you don't know what purikura is, it's basically like an American photobooth on drugs and steriods HAHA. You can add background images, pictures, draw/write on your photos, the whole shabang.

Here's an example of one purikura machine sporting the lovely Reina Triendl~

I wish I took more pictures of the purikura machines itself and everything...wow every post is going to be me saying "I wish I took more pictures".

Anywhoooo, here are my "cosplay" pictures!

As for the maid cosplay, my friend Meilyne was pretending to be a perverted/ecchi/hentai guy...yeah we're strange x)
That's all for now, I really need ideas on what to post about !! Maybe Melrose area?? Any ideas??