Monday, February 4, 2013

My cosplay purikura! ♡

I was in Japan just recently and I managed to take a few cosplay purikura with my adorable friend Meilyne :3

If you don't know what purikura is, it's basically like an American photobooth on drugs and steriods HAHA. You can add background images, pictures, draw/write on your photos, the whole shabang.

Here's an example of one purikura machine sporting the lovely Reina Triendl~

I wish I took more pictures of the purikura machines itself and everything...wow every post is going to be me saying "I wish I took more pictures".

Anywhoooo, here are my "cosplay" pictures!

As for the maid cosplay, my friend Meilyne was pretending to be a perverted/ecchi/hentai guy...yeah we're strange x)
That's all for now, I really need ideas on what to post about !! Maybe Melrose area?? Any ideas??

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