Saturday, March 16, 2013

Jelly Love

Hellooo ^__^
The new Jelly came out a few days ago!
The beautiful Remi Sakamoto is gracing the cover :D

She has been one of my favorite Jelly girls since I started reading the magazine <3 isn't she gorgeous?? Her eyes are so big and she has a nice face structure and gahhhhh! XD

Another Jelly girl I also really like is one of the newer models, Mari Takahashi!

I had the privilege of meeting her when I was in Japan and she is super sweet! We were at this one party and she was always checking up on me to see if I was okay and she even texted me after I left to see if I caught the last train and got home! Isn't that the sweetest! ^_^

I actually do have a picture with her when we went to karaoke teehee :3 She's so pretty!!!!!~

Ahh back when my hair was dark...I kinda miss it! >~< But then whenever I go back to dark hair I always miss having light hair ! XD gawddammit!

Anyway before I ramble on that's all for now! Thank you if you read my post ^___^!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Es Nail Photoshoot ♡

A few days ago I had the pleasure to model for Es Nail Melrose~!
If you haven't heard of them, Es Nail is a very popular nail salon with locations all throughout Japan. They opened their very first location in America in Los Angeles last year! Their work and designs are absolutely fabulous so it's no surprise that celebrities like Jeffree Star even go there to get their nails 'did! x)
Here are some of their gorgeous creations~
See! Those are Jeffree Star's fingers~! Kyaaa! >w<

Here are the nails that I modeled for the shoot! :)
(Sorry for the nasty hand angles...I don't know how to take photos of nails/hands >w>)

I don't have any of the photoshoot pictures yet but once I do I'll post up a few :D
It'll be out in the next issue of JPy Magazine, which I believe is the summer issue~
You can find them in Southern California at Mitsuwa, Nijiya Market, outside of some Lollicups or Tea stations, and a bunch of other Asian shops/areas/markets/cafes in general x)

That's it for now, ta-ta!~

Monday, March 4, 2013

Clueless, Wildfox & Macarons!

Yesterday I went shopping at Planet Blue in Beverly Hills to buy a top from the new Wildfox S/S collection!
The inspiration/theme of the collection is from the 90's movie "Clueless".

If you've never seen it and like movies similar to Mean Girls, I suggest you watch it!
It's basically about the life of 16 year-old Cher, played by Alicia Silverston, who lives in Beverly Hills, and her everyday "struggles" and adventures with high school, boys, popularity etc.
Seeing what a stylish and comfortable life she lives, it kind of makes you wish you were her...sigh. Haha just kidding.
The movie is hilarious and the personalities of the characters are totally entertaining.
You'll also get to see all the interesting fashion and clothes of the 90's >w<

Isn't Alicia gorgeous??
I'm rambling on about the movie aren't I...anyway I absolutely love Clueless so when I found out Widfox based a collection around it I had to buy something from it! X)

Here are some lookbook photos from the collection:

I ended up just buying the "I Live Above Sunset" v-neck shirt because the other tops I wanted to buy were not in stock ><

Afterwards, I got macarons from Bottega Louie (who make the best macarons in L.A fyi! hehe).

I haven't had macarons in so long, so I was happy. All in all, it was a good day!~