Monday, April 29, 2013

New Angel Color circle lenses!

Hi everyone~ So I recently picked up a pair of the Angel Color lenses called Modic in the color "Pale Brown". I bought them mostly because Yuuki Yamamoto is the model for it xD And Shizuka Takeda from Happie Nuts posted a picture of her wearing them on her blog not too long ago!

Here's Shizuka Takeda wearing them:

 She's so pretty and her makeup always looks great even when it's simple *_*

Unfortunately the Pale Brown lenses don't look as nice on me as they do on her :(

They're not as light on my eyes as they are in the promo photo but the color is still nice.
One thing I don't like about it though is that the inside ring is kind of thick/dark/harsh so it doesn't blend into your natural eye color at all really. Even though in the photos it kind of looks like they blend well but in person they don't, which kind of makes you look reptile-ish @_@ in my opinion anyway haha. They're also 14.2mm and I prefer 14.5mm but I guess .3mm isn't a HUGE deal xD

All in all, I rate these a 3.5 out of 5. They're nice but I feel like there are better light lenses out there.

I'm on a quest to buy the perfect light brown semi-natural looking circle lenses! I think I'm going to buy these ones tomorrow:
They look really pretty on Sayaka Araki, I'm so excited to get them! ^o^
If you have any suggestions on light brown circle lenses please let me know!! :3

Some more pics of me wearing the pale brown lesnes in the bathroom at Shibuya 109 LOL.

Thanks for reading<3

Saturday, April 27, 2013

My new hair color!

Hiii everyone! ~
A few days ago I went to my friend's hair salon to dye my hair!
My hair had started to turn orange and my dark roots were growing in >_> so I finally fixed up my hurrr haha.

My new hair color decision was inspired by the gorgeous Happie Nuts models Sayoko Ozaki and Satomi Akane.  

Sooo here's what my hair looked like before:

Don't mind my pj top and biscuit face LOL...

Bleaching my hair at Torando salon in Omotesandou~

I feel bad for my hair, I've been bleaching it so much lately in the past 4 months. I should give my hair a break for a bit huh~ but ahhh I love changing my hair color often now! XD

And the end result is *drumroll*...

Dun dun dun dunnnn! XD
Okay it looks super grey/silver/white but after washing my hair a few times it's more of an ashy grey-beige-blonde? Haha which I love!!! I'm gonna be sad when the color fades in a month or two ;w; oh well I won't think about that right now ! X)

Thanks for reading! I'll try to be more consistent in my posts <3

Monday, April 22, 2013

Akihabara playday~

Hello lovelies ^^

Yesterday I went to Akihabara to go play and look around :3
Akihabara is a popular shopping area for electronics, games, otaku goods, anime and manga.
Another main attraction here are the maid cafes. There are at least 50+ maid cafes in Akiba alone.
A super big chain here is called Maidreamin, they're actually supposed to open a store in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles this year~! O__O

Basically it's a cafe where the girls are dressed in cute maid outfits and they call you "Master" and play games with you and dance and sing during showtimes. I love it hehe >w< I've only been to a maid cafe a few times but it's so fun :3 Even though maid cafes mostly cater to men/otaku XD
The food items are super cute here as well~ The girls ask you what you want them to draw on your food hehehehehehe. If you don't have a preference, they'll usually draw a cat or something cute like that~

I have to admit, I really like Akihabara even though I don't know many anime or manga. I know a few good ones though and I'm getting more into it x)
The newest anime I discovered and am currently watching is called "Tamako Market".
It's a super adorable story about a mochi maker's daughter named Tamako and her daily life with a peculiar, funny talking bird. He's hilarious and Tamako is so cute <3
Oooh sorry, getting sidetracked here haha. Onto the Akiba pics!~

 On the JR subway~ all the businessmen kept staring at me for taking pictures on the subway ._.
 Inside a department store named "Atre" at the Akihabara station.

 Spotted a maid outside trying to reel in customers xD she noticed I was taking a picture and tried to hide her face ._. sorry...I caught you haha.
 Evangelion!!!! I love this anime x)

 UFO Catchers with food in them haha. The fish sweets on the left are super good.
That's it for now! Pretty soon I will do a Shibuya post, I just always forget to bring my camera/take pictures when I'm there D:
Thanks for reading! XOXO

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Alice in Wonderland cafe adventure in Tokyo

Hellloo everyone! I'm back in Tokyo!!! :) It feels so nice to be back ^_^ I feel like it's been ages since I've last been here.
A few days ago I met up with my adorable friend Meilyne for my belated birthday x)
We went to an Alice in Wonderland themed cafe called 絵本の国のアリス, or Ehon no kuni no arisu.

新​宿​区​歌​舞​伎​町​1​-​6​-​2​ ​T​-​w​i​n​g​ビ​ル​B​2

I've always wanted to go to a theme cafe so I was really excited! 
The place is really mysterious and it's kind of confusing to get around, it was fun :3
All the waitresses are dressed up as Alice and their voices were so cute haha <3
We sat in the more classy/normal room haha. The chandelier is so pretty isn't it! 

 Look at that lit-up cocktail!! *o*

The cute storybook menu~ it had some pop-up pages!

 I ordered rosehip tea and it came with little heart-shaped spiced tortilla chips.

Meilyne got the Caterpillar matcha cake roll plate 
And I got the assorted fruit plate~  look at the little Alice, she's reading a book made out of bread!!! XD haha maybe I'm a little too enthusiastic...
And then Meilyne was so sweet and gave me a birthday surprise!

Love this cutie! :3

Afterwards we went to take some cosplay purikura again haha.

As you can tell (or maybe it's not too obvious xD) I was a nurse and she was a....policewoman?? I thought it looked more like a pilot or something but I don't know haha.

That's all I have for now, will post up more stuff about Tokyo soon! :3 maybe about Harajuku or 109!
Thanks for reading! XOXO

Thursday, April 11, 2013

YesStyle.com now sells gyaru brands!! ♥

Hi everyone!
Today I'm going to be talking about YesStyle.com, the super popular Asian clothing webstore that ships internationally.
They just recently started carrying gyaru brands Liz Lisa, me Jane, and GOLDS infinity, how exciting!!

They are a completely legit business so you don't need to worry if the Japanese brands are fake or not.
I know a lot of other Asian clothing webstores and retail stores here in Los Angeles that claim to sell "real" Japanese/gyaru brands but they almost always end up being fake :( and then you paid so much for it, what a waste right??
At least with YesStyle you can be sure the Liz Lisa, me Jane or GOLDS Infinity clothes are 100% authentic!

Here's a little background on the gyaru brands they carry:

Liz Lisa: One of the leading brands of sweet gyaru/hime style and probably one of the most well known gyaru/Japanese brands to people outside of Japan.

Their clothes are very feminine and princess-y, with pastels, frills, lace, floral print - you get my drift~ Most girls who shop at Liz Lisa are anywhere from 15-21, but there are no age limits here right? You can be 26 and wear it, who cares what other people think! ♥ If you love it, wear it, I say x)

I think Liz Lisa is totally adorable but it's just not my style, I can't pull off the girly girly look in my opinion.
I did love this one dress that I saw last summer, it was too adorable not to try on!
The shoes were cute too haha.

On to the next brand: me Jane 
me Jane is more of a Western-style funky gyaru brand, with plaid, denim, and of course now more because of Spring. They also usually have prints of cartoons like Mickey Mouse on their things as well.

They may not be as established as Liz Lisa or other brands but they are getting there~
me Jane's style is kind of a mix between cool, sexy and funky. I think one very unique and distinctive piece from this brand are their denim skirts

I've never seen anything like it, have you?? XD

Here's the super cute Nemoyayo wearing a me Jane dress in the May 2013 issue of EGG.
 I don't think many people outside of Japan know this brand, maybe I should take pictures of the store and staff when I go to 109 soon? x)

And now, last but not least,
GOLDS Infinity
Now this is a gyaru gyaru brand haha. Mainly Agejo and kyabajo style, their clothing is glam erotic/sexy with lots of gold embellishments, lace, frills, jewels/sparkles, and black + pink combos.
This is one of the few cultural gyaru brands where you can say "Now that's REALLY gyaru".  

Some of the clothing from their newest Spring collection are a bit toned down and mature but still laced with sexiness haha.

Woooooo that was a super long post haha. That's all I have for now, thanks for reading!! ;w: I just found out I have a few new followers and I'm so happy and more pumped to keep blogging!! So thank you everyone
XOXO Stephanie