Monday, April 22, 2013

Akihabara playday~

Hello lovelies ^^

Yesterday I went to Akihabara to go play and look around :3
Akihabara is a popular shopping area for electronics, games, otaku goods, anime and manga.
Another main attraction here are the maid cafes. There are at least 50+ maid cafes in Akiba alone.
A super big chain here is called Maidreamin, they're actually supposed to open a store in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles this year~! O__O

Basically it's a cafe where the girls are dressed in cute maid outfits and they call you "Master" and play games with you and dance and sing during showtimes. I love it hehe >w< I've only been to a maid cafe a few times but it's so fun :3 Even though maid cafes mostly cater to men/otaku XD
The food items are super cute here as well~ The girls ask you what you want them to draw on your food hehehehehehe. If you don't have a preference, they'll usually draw a cat or something cute like that~

I have to admit, I really like Akihabara even though I don't know many anime or manga. I know a few good ones though and I'm getting more into it x)
The newest anime I discovered and am currently watching is called "Tamako Market".
It's a super adorable story about a mochi maker's daughter named Tamako and her daily life with a peculiar, funny talking bird. He's hilarious and Tamako is so cute <3
Oooh sorry, getting sidetracked here haha. Onto the Akiba pics!~

 On the JR subway~ all the businessmen kept staring at me for taking pictures on the subway ._.
 Inside a department store named "Atre" at the Akihabara station.

 Spotted a maid outside trying to reel in customers xD she noticed I was taking a picture and tried to hide her face ._. sorry...I caught you haha.
 Evangelion!!!! I love this anime x)

 UFO Catchers with food in them haha. The fish sweets on the left are super good.
That's it for now! Pretty soon I will do a Shibuya post, I just always forget to bring my camera/take pictures when I'm there D:
Thanks for reading! XOXO

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