Monday, April 1, 2013

Crop top craze

Helloooo ! Long time no see huh? My bad >w< I really want to get better at this blogging thing...
But the thing is, I don't really have many events to post about :(
If only my life were more interesting...but it will be soon ! I'm going back to Japan in less than two weeks ! So excited^^ and then I can post about more interesting, exciting things! Yay! X)
I also got a new camera so photos will be better quality ^__~

In other news, I received some crop tops in the mail! I had been waiting for these for a while and almost didn't buy them because I'm horrible at buying things online because I need to try on things first (I'm a super picky shopper).

 The words on this shirt are just....hahaha

And then I got this sonofabitch crop raglan tee :D

I really love how these shirts fit! I got them from omighty.com if anyone's wondering ~

Something else I really love are my leopard cork wedges from Growze, a Japanese clothing brand in Los Angeles!
These babies are so comfy and lightweight! I could walk all day in them ~ You can find them at http://shop.growze.la
Also follow their Instagram @growze_la 

Haha I was trying to find a way to get the shoes in the shot but I failed >_<

Thanks for reading!~ until next time, take care! XOXO


  1. hi.

    will this shirt fit on a western medium sized girl?

    1. Both of them are from omighty ^^ I think they should fit!~