Thursday, April 11, 2013

YesStyle.com now sells gyaru brands!! ♥

Hi everyone!
Today I'm going to be talking about YesStyle.com, the super popular Asian clothing webstore that ships internationally.
They just recently started carrying gyaru brands Liz Lisa, me Jane, and GOLDS infinity, how exciting!!

They are a completely legit business so you don't need to worry if the Japanese brands are fake or not.
I know a lot of other Asian clothing webstores and retail stores here in Los Angeles that claim to sell "real" Japanese/gyaru brands but they almost always end up being fake :( and then you paid so much for it, what a waste right??
At least with YesStyle you can be sure the Liz Lisa, me Jane or GOLDS Infinity clothes are 100% authentic!

Here's a little background on the gyaru brands they carry:

Liz Lisa: One of the leading brands of sweet gyaru/hime style and probably one of the most well known gyaru/Japanese brands to people outside of Japan.

Their clothes are very feminine and princess-y, with pastels, frills, lace, floral print - you get my drift~ Most girls who shop at Liz Lisa are anywhere from 15-21, but there are no age limits here right? You can be 26 and wear it, who cares what other people think! ♥ If you love it, wear it, I say x)

I think Liz Lisa is totally adorable but it's just not my style, I can't pull off the girly girly look in my opinion.
I did love this one dress that I saw last summer, it was too adorable not to try on!
The shoes were cute too haha.

On to the next brand: me Jane 
me Jane is more of a Western-style funky gyaru brand, with plaid, denim, and of course now more because of Spring. They also usually have prints of cartoons like Mickey Mouse on their things as well.

They may not be as established as Liz Lisa or other brands but they are getting there~
me Jane's style is kind of a mix between cool, sexy and funky. I think one very unique and distinctive piece from this brand are their denim skirts

I've never seen anything like it, have you?? XD

Here's the super cute Nemoyayo wearing a me Jane dress in the May 2013 issue of EGG.
 I don't think many people outside of Japan know this brand, maybe I should take pictures of the store and staff when I go to 109 soon? x)

And now, last but not least,
GOLDS Infinity
Now this is a gyaru gyaru brand haha. Mainly Agejo and kyabajo style, their clothing is glam erotic/sexy with lots of gold embellishments, lace, frills, jewels/sparkles, and black + pink combos.
This is one of the few cultural gyaru brands where you can say "Now that's REALLY gyaru".  

Some of the clothing from their newest Spring collection are a bit toned down and mature but still laced with sexiness haha.

Woooooo that was a super long post haha. That's all I have for now, thanks for reading!! ;w: I just found out I have a few new followers and I'm so happy and more pumped to keep blogging!! So thank you everyone
XOXO Stephanie

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  1. OMG!

    Thanks to this post I finally visited yesstyle after few years of disappointment with their service ! T^T

    I hope so much that they improved so I can order Liz Lisa stuff *-*