Thursday, May 2, 2013

New circle lenses! (+ Mister Donuts)

Hi everyone~ ^^
Soo I went out and bought the circle lenses I mentioned in my last post, Dolocy A Series in Gold Brown, which is under Ane Ageha's model Sayaka Araki's production.
These are my favorite lenses now!!! I'm so glad I bought them ! They blend nicely with your real eye color but still make your eyes pop and look lighter. Plus they're 14.5mm ^O^

In certain lighting it looks more green (like in this picture XD) or more light brown. I personally like the ambiguous nature of these lenses haha >w<

Here are some more pictures~

Wearing my Nirvana tank from Omweekend :3 So cute and comfy~

I also tried out these new lashes Jewerich No 5, which I'm wearing in the photos.
These are sooo nice! Kind of natural looking but still dramatic enough so you don't need to wear more than one pair :D My new favorite lashes! 

On a really random side note, I went to Mister Donuts which is a popular (as you guessed it) donut shop here in Japan. It's actually owned by the same Dunkin' Donuts company *o*
Anyway they're having a Hello Kitty campaign ! Aren't these the cutest!???!

Unfortunately they were sold out of all the donuts I like except the cupcakes, which I don't even like but I had to get one just because it was Hello Kitty >w>

It looks kind of like a cake pop from Starbucks huh haha.
I also got these adorable mini donuts X) I don't like donuts in the States but these are SUPER delicious. The texture is totally different from regular American donuts *______*

Anyway, that's it for now ;w; sorry for the lame posts haha ^^; I'll do a beauty-related post + Shibuya post soon!! Thanks for reading, I really am relieved a few of you like what I post T w T


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  1. Wow the lenses are nice and natural ^^ i love your style *_*
    Yeah the donuts are so cute hehehe i wish i ciuld eat some of them ;)