Monday, June 3, 2013

Got my hair 'did!☆ (Braided Hair Extensions)

Hiii everyone! Long time no see, sorry I've been MIA recently ^^;;; Been a bit busy with life and all.
Anyway today I wanted to post about my new braided hair extensions! This type of method is very popular in Japan, but I never got around to getting it done until now.

 There's Mipochi with braid extensions. Some gals get it intentionally on the top to show the braid while others hide it underneath their natural hair.

Another example on Sakurina~

I had gotten keratin bonded extensions in L.A a few years ago and that really damaged my hair (I don't know if it's all because of my bad care of them or not though haha XD) so I was a bit anxious to get hair extensions again.
Supposedly braided hair extensions don't damage your hair AS much as other methods (bonding, glue, seal, etc). Since they are just simply braided to your own natural hair I figured eh why not try it out! I miss having long, full hair ;w; and I trimmed my hair a few weeks ago and although I only cut 1-2.5 inches off I still feel like my hair is so short now ><

So I did a bit of research on places to go to in Tokyo via Hot Pepper Beauty which is a free magazine with coupons and stuff about anything related to beauty. I also googled about it and asked a few friends on recommendations. I ended up deciding on Arujyansu (http://www.arujyansu.com) because 1. I saw it in Hot Pepper 2. My friends recommended it + I saw a few bloggers post good things about it and 3. Some gyaru models I know go there as well xD
I actually forgot to call and make a reservation so I just walked in the salon and asked if I could do it that day and they said they could get me seated in an hour! :D
I wasn't sure how many pieces to get braided in and the girl who worked there explained to me what would be best to do. I originally thought on getting 50 pieces put in but I ended up getting 70 because 50 pieces looked too ratty at the bottom and not as full as I'd like.

They were so so fast! I guess because it's two people working on your hair and not one, they finished in about an hour and a half or less!

Here's a close up of what the braids look like after about a week or so having them. I had read that people said it was uncomfortable for them to sleep on the braids and they were painful but I didn't feel any pain at all! I wouldn't say it was uncomfortable to sleep with them the first night but it just felt like I had a little pressure on certain points on my scalp, but it didn't bother me. I actually liked the feeling XD weird.

Sooo here are the before and after pics!


Just fyi purikura alone is so awkward LOL

but I wanted to take pics of my new hair XD

Anyway that's all I have to say, if anyone wants any tips on how to care on braided hair extensions I'll be happy to post them! ^^
Thanks for reading! XOXO


  1. I also went to Argent Sue when I was in Japan!
    I love your hair-color and your hair looks amazing with extensions!I'm jealous!

    1. Oh nice! Did you like the end result as well?? ^^
      Aw thank you ☆

  2. Wowww amazing hair *_* so voluminous

  3. Love the colour of your hair! <3 And your hair turned out really nice with the extensions! ^^