Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Anime Expo 2013!

Hi everyone,
long time no see huh? ^^;

Two weekends ago Anime Expo was going on, and lemme tell you it was hectic!!! @_@
There were gals from out of town/state that came just for this event and Michi, Tricia and I had to keep everyone together and make sure everyone was on time etc etc. So much work but it was so fun!

Our wonderful crew~ Ahh so much fun !!! I miss everyone already xD

Anime Expo went so well~! The two fashion shows were a success and MA*RS, Tutuhua and Golds Infinity all sold a lot!! People were really liking MA*RS and GLAVIL, I don't blame them ^_~ Their stuff are so cute~
The designers for MA*RS and Tutuhua came as well as the MA*RS model Fumino and Glavil Shop Staff Sacchan! 
 Fumino chan~

 The Designer~

 GLAVIL merchandise!
 Michi and Rosie :)

Me and Sacchan~

And here are some photos from the fashion show and also random ones X)

Liz Lisa Fashion show rehearsal~

Backstage ~

What I wore for MA*RS~! I ended up modeling for Liz Lisa Doll, MA*RS and GLAVIL ^^

All the MA*RS fashion show models and Fumino

On Friday after AX all the girls went to Round 1 to take purikura! I only have these two scans ;w;

Met a new great gal named Rina! She came out all the way from Ohio to help us out at AX!! :)

Michi, Tricia and I on day 3 of AX...finally taking a break and having a snack XD

Vapin' in the car with Michi, I love this girl!!!!! <3

I also met another new gal from San Fransisco, Emi! She was so cool and fun to be around ! ^_^

On the last day, Emi (who is a tattoo artist and draws amazingly!) drew some adorable pictures for the MA*RS, GLAVIL and Golds Infinity team!

All in all, Anime Expo was a great and fun experience, even though it was so tiring. We all had to wake up super early and it was a lot of work but I had the best time with everyone <3
I hope we can all do this again next year! :D And hopefully even more gyaru brands come!!

The only good part about Anime Expo being over was that I FINALLY took off my braided extensions haha, I had been keeping them in for AX. I'll post an update about my hair post-braided extensions and share my experience with them!

Thanks for reading ALL the way up until now! Muah!

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  1. AWWWWWWW~~~ Your so sweet Stephanie <3 miss you GAL *O*