Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Jpop Summit

Hi everyone !
I just came back from a trip to San Francisco for their annual Jpop Summit! I was in the Harajuku Kawaii Fashion Show ^_^ It was fun seeing my SF friends and seeing Jpop Summit for the first time! 

This was my outfit for the fashion show~ 
I was representing the store "Spinns" which has stores in Shibuya 109, Harajuku, and other places in Tokyo ^^
The guest model that was walking with me and the other Spinns models was Eva Cheung from Hong Kong! She's a pretty popular blogger and her photos are always floating around Tumblr XD
Her hair is so cute! Must take so much work to maintain though ;A; 
Me and Ms. Eva, she was so nice~ 

I also got to meet one of my favorite Harajuku style models Ayumi Seto!!! *___* she's one of the main reasons I wanted to be in the show! >< she is soooooo cute in real life omg I was spazzing out haha. 
Ahhhh she was so sweet trying to speak in English to me x) 
My cutie friend Meilyne was also in the fashion show, but in the 6% Doki Doki one where they did a little dance instead of a typical runway walk, it was so cute x)

 I finally have a creeper!! Hahaha <3 

At the end of the fashion show Kyary Pamyu Pamyu came out to say hi to the crowd! *____* She is also so cute and bubbly in real life! I'm so glad she doesn't act like a totally different person, she seems really genuine ^^

I don't have too many photos of the fashion show yet ;A;

Some photos of Japantown~ 

Pop up shop of the goodies they had in the fashion show~ They had brands Glad News and Namaiki for sale! ^_^

I got to see Emi!<3 She came down for AX just last month so I'm happy I got to see her again in such a short time ^^
I also met up with Janis and met Bouncy for the first time and took puri with everyone :3

On Sunday I had a little extra time and stopped by to get a crepe hehehehe

Custard caramel crepe goes so well with oi ocha~ x)

Then at night I got shaved ice and amazinnggggggggg honey toast with Meilyne and Gloria...I just realized I had a lot of sweets that day XD

Oh here's some purikura I took with Meilyne and our friends Cristina and Aaron ^^
Flying back to LA~ I had fun with everyone in SF but I was happy to be going back home <3

Thanks for reading !


  1. ALL I CAN SAY IS OMG! No but really it looks like fuuuuun! Jelly allll the way for meeting these people lol hahaha.


  2. I knew it was you when I saw them post picks of the event!I was mad bc they posted it last week that kyary was going to be there but I wanted to go anyway b/c I never been to SF and really just wanted experience this event. Me and bf were stressed trying to plan last minute to go since we love Kyary and Jpop summit but ended up not going lol. I have to say I'm Jelly. Since u live in LA hope to meetup with you at an event and have a GAL of a time.


    1. Hahaha >w<
      Kyary and the other models from Japan were the main reasons I wanted to go to Jpop Summit too haha.
      Aww I hope so! Me and the other LA gals will show you around if you come down! ^^

  3. you look so gorgeous and I really love your style <3