Wednesday, July 24, 2013

JSG at JapanLA

I finally got to go to JapanLA to check out their JSG pop up shop ! ^^
JSG is a funky cute brand from Japan~ You can check out their website and newest collection here~

The new designer of JSG is jpop singer mini! I actually met her few times and got her number hehe, she's so sweet and I like her new direction for the brand ^^

Here she is modeling the newest collection. You can check out her blog here if you fancy her :3

My pic with her last year back when I had brown hair...hate how I look here ^^;;

Now onto the JapanLA pictures!

I tried on some outfits that Mandie (the store manager, she's so sweet!) said were selling out like crazy!

This skirt was so so so cute!

Mandie and I~ Her hairbow is so cute x)

Go check out JapanLA before the popup shop ends on the 31st of this month!
7320 Melrose Ave  Los Angeles, CA 90046
You can also buy JSG clothing and other goodies on their webstore ^__^

Thanks for reading! XOXO


  1. AWW! OMG how cool! Do they have a shop in LA now *O*??

    1. Right?? ^^
      Nooo it's just a pop up shop in LA but it ends tomorrow :/

  2. I need to shop there but .. i live 4002w8928978 km away somewhere in the boring netherlands lol.

    xo ley

    1. Awww haha >< Are there any Japanese fashion stores in the Netherlands? *o*