Saturday, July 20, 2013

Michi's surprise birthday dinner

Why hello there~
A few weekends ago the gals and I planned to take out Michi for surprise birthday dinner since her birthday was around the same time as Anime Expo and we were so preoccupied with that.
We ended up not surprising her because she figured it all out but it was still fun and she was happy to see everyone! ^^

We went to a place called (I think) Panda Inn in Glendale~ Apparently it's from the chain Panda Express but the restaurant version! @_@

The aftermath...it was gooooood, I couldn't stop eating >____>

And then afterwards the waiter brought out the cake that Michi's boyfriend had secretly brought over (she had no idea so at least that was one surprise!)

Then we went back to Michi's place to chill and Adri got her a horse pinata ! XD 

Michi had some leftover fireworks from the 4th of July so we decided to light them up haha.
We made too much noise .___.

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